Mean Mule American Agave Spirit distilled from 100% Blue Agave in Kansas City, MO.

Silver Mean Mule American Agave Spirit

Our premier product. Handcrafted from 100% weber blue agave in Kansas City, Missouri.

Mean Mule Agave Spirit is feisty, while being delicate, refreshing, and mature. Drinking American Agave is a lot like taking reigns back on your blazing college years and saying “whoa now, nice and easy” without giving up the wildness of the ride.

American Agave Spirit is not tequila.  The name “tequila,” and the spirit it describes, have “denomination of origin” status and “geographic indication,” much like champagne is from the Champagne region. Since our spirit has roots in the Jalisco region, it will taste similar to quality tequilas from Mexico. However, we pride ourselves in the fact that the Midwest has its own unique flavor, so like our fathers and grandmothers before us, we choose to bend the rules.

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