What is American Agave Spirit and how is it different from Tequila?

Both spirits are made from the agave plant which is grown in the Tequila region of Mexico; however, much like other spirits that originated in specific regions and now are produced worldwide, American Agave Spirits is an innovation leading the spirits industry globally, and one of the fastest-growing spirit categories. American Agave Spirits is the uniquely American expression of the Agave plant and its products.


What is Denomination of Origin?

This is a term that refers to naming spirits based on their region of origin. Tequila must be distilled in the Tequila region to bear that name. Much like Champagne must be made in the Champagne region to carry that title. While our agave is grown in the Tequila region, our spirits are produced in America and named appropriately.


How are your spirits made?

Once our agave arrives in house we combine it with yeast and water, then it ferments in stainless steel for a few weeks before the distilling begins. In 2015 we handcrafted our very own multi-plate column reflux still, made of copper.  It’s a thing all of its own, and the process of distilling agave spirits on this type of still makes us unique, not to mention that we are one of the very few distilleries that use an entirely copper still. Another reason our spirit is in a category all of its own. After we distill the low wines we move the spirit over to our spirit still where we make careful cuts to ensure what goes in the bottle is the best version possible.


Where does your agave come from?

Our single-source 100% organic Weber Blue Agave is grown in Jalisco, Mexico in the loamy soil of the highlands region (6,000ft above sea level). This territory is within the Tequila Region where agave is traditionally grown.


What’s the big deal with agave?

Agave is a spiritual plant with a long history. It even has its very own ecosystem with BATS! Can you believe it?  Because of the boom in the production of Tequila, and agave syrup as a household ingredient, there is now a need to ensure the agave industry is honoring the history, longevity, and impact of commercialism on the local community.  Our agave producer is a proudly Mexican-owned business with official certifications stating 100% organic, non-GMO, and fair trade while upholding a promise of sustainability.  While selecting a grower and producer we chose to narrow our search to a supplier that upheld these standards even if it affected the bottom line. Choosing a locally owned and operated producer means that procedures are in place to honor the cherished plant and the community where it grows. This is part of what makes Mean Mule American Agave Spirits good to drink and good for the planet.


How is the agave produced? 

Our producer grows and harvests agave by hand using a “coa de jima” (hoe like tool).  It is then broken down in the traditional method, using HEAT. While this takes place using a machine in our producer’s facility (and not in a dirt pit in the ground) our producer adheres to high standards which include NEVER EVER using chemicals or other additives to assist in the process. Using safe technology ensures food safety and a commitment to lower environmental impact. Because the fields where the agave is grown and the facility where it is cooked and broken down are one and the same, it allows for traceability and sustainability including the use of green technologies, and recycling.


How did you get into this industry? 

Growing up there was no such thing as a liquor cabinet. Our parents and grandparents drank a Budweiser after mowing the lawn on a hot day or pulled out a jug of unknown origin from under the kitchen sink when company came by and that was that. We didn’t “get into” this industry we just pulled our jug out from under the sink to share it with each of you.


What qualifies you to make American Agave Spirit in the USA? 

America has a rich history of making booze! Especially in times where we explicitly aren’t supposed to. This is true in our family and many others. While industry experience and formal training are not required to be a distiller and business owner they can help. Our founder has a science and engineering background which allowed us to develop our own stills and distilling process using the complex nature of Agave to inspire and challenge us!  But, honestly, does anyone need more than a chip on their shoulder to start making booze?


What can I make with your spirit?

Drink it. Drink it straight. Drink it with friends. Drink it with enemies. Drink it out of the bottle. Drink it because it tastes good. But if you insist, check out the recipe section of our site for some tasty ideas.


Are your American Agave Spirits Gluten Free and Organic? 

YES! While we do not have the official gluten-free certification, there is nothing in our spirit but 100% certified organic agave nectar and water.